How Much Do Bookkeeping Services Cost for Small Businesses?

Average Monthly Bookkeeping Fees

If you decide to become certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you’ll have the added benefit of a free subscription to QuickBooks Online Accountant. At Milestone, we can help you with all your bookkeeping and accounting needs and provide a customizable and scalable solution that fits you perfectly. Our approach is true collaboration, working side by side with you to help your business be as successful as possible. Once you start talking about using services, you may start seeing dollar signs and be worried about how much this will cost you. Let’s take a look at how much these solutions really cost and how they could potentially pay off for you and your business. At some point or another, you may have clients of all sizes—aka small, medium, and large clients.

We actually want to talk to our clients (although we also understand if they are too busy to to talk – building a startup is a lot of work!). With millions of venture capital dollars at stake, we do find that most of our clients DO want to talk with our team on a regular basis. So, doing a recurring call, making sure we are keeping up with questions, is really powerful. The higher priced bookkeeping packages provide time for the founder to connect with the accounting team. A lot of those systems actually have built in either integrations or ways for us to handle them automatically, so that gets some of the work off the accountant’s plate.

Calculate the indirect cost of doing your bookkeeping

Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and reports, which is essential for the success of any business. With their help, businesses can save time and money while improving efficiency and productivity. However, this option usually requires additional oversight from management for financial records and reports to remain accurate over time.

Business owners are fully aware of the importance of accounting, but how much should they expect to pay for it? A business owner must understand how much, on average, business accounting costs. After all, accounting, as an integral part of a business, is something not to put aside. But there is an advantage to smaller businesses hiring a freelance bookkeeper – the client will only pay for the time they need, and not be liable for employer-related costs such as holiday and pensions. Partnered with Xendoo to bring flat fee bookkeeping services to our small business members.

Hiring a Bookkeeper for Your Business: Why and When

Your business will thrive and your books will always be accurate with professional small business bookkeeping services. If you feel an accountant would be of better service to you, be aware that they will cost you more. Many small businesses hire recurring bookkeeping services and call on an accountant once in a while to make the most of their money. A bookkeeper, accountant, or combination of both are the best solutions for small business bookkeeping services. Many small business owners start out doing their bookkeeping themselves, so those tasks get mixed in with everything else you do. If you have never hired bookkeeping services before, you might be wondering what those services include specifically.

On the other hand, product-based industries love QuickBooks Desktop because of its inventory tracking and batch invoicing capabilities and industry-specific features. Your bookkeeper will know which version of QuickBooks works best for your business. For instance, service-based businesses often favor QuickBooks Online, which allows access from multiple locations and devices, but is not ideal for handling invoices or tracking inventory. Organizing financial records and receipts, keeping your financial file system up-to-date, and pulling reports when asked.


For her fixed-rate pricing, I believe she does the 1-3% for any clients that are $300k or below. For a client who’s revenue starts at $300k and goes up, she will insert a base of $400 and then add on any extra services they may need. Take your hourly rate times the amount of time Average Monthly Bookkeeping Fees you believe it is taking you each month and add a little more on top of that for added expenses. Small business bookkeeping service is an investment that helps you grow. Our expert team of bookkeepers and CPAs makes managing your finances easy so you can get back to business.

  • Average monthly fees for this type of activity include from $500 to $2,500.
  • This is performed by entering data into an accounting software like QuickBooks.
  • You will need an advanced accountant to help you put together the financial intelligence to help you make sound business decisions.
  • Finally, we’ve built in-house software to help us generate our clients’ books and financial reports.
  • Before you look for help with your books, you may be wondering – how much does a bookkeeper cost?

Bookkeeping can help you maintain your financial records, track expenditures and revenue, and provide an up-to-date snapshot of the growth and overall health of your business. With an organized bookkeeping process, you’ll have all your financial documents in order and be better prepared for tax season. The accounting software used can impact the price of the service.

Tax Savings and Revenue Growth

One of the main benefits of such an approach is that you can customize the services you want the bookkeeper to provide. The lesser cost of a part-time bookkeeper (as opposed to a full-time employee) is the biggest benefit for companies. A part-time bookkeeper will usually cost more per hour than full-time bookkeepers, but the total monthly cost will be less.

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